As your next Lorain County Recorder, I will bring you up to date technology to protect your records. Mike Doran is the safe choice on November 3rd.


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Mike Doran

For Lorain County Recorder

Dear Lorain County Residents,
Modern technology keeps evolving and changing. My commitment to you is to be responsive to these changes, to make sure your valuable information is secure and protected.
My opponent has spent hundreds of thousands of your taxpayer dollars on computer systems only to have her office fall victim a malware attack in December of 2019. The attack was so severe that she had to hire an outside company to come in and fix her mess. As your next Lorain County recorder, I will deliver accountability and trust to the Recorder’s office.
You also have my commitment to develop and implement technology to access your information safely and securely through your mobile phone device.
Your vote on November 3rd is critical to keeping your records safe in Lorain County. I will deliver a functioning recorder’s office that works for you.
Mike Doran

As your next County Recorder, this is my commitment to you:

  • Secure your information
  • Preserve and Protect
  • Keep your information safe
  • Deliver Accountability and Trust

Trust DORAN, the SMART choice!


Mark your calendar, Election Day is November 3rd!

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Mike Doran

My name is Michael Doran. I’m a 36 year old resident of Lorain County and ready to serve as your County Recorder.

Your vote on November 3rd is critical to keeping your records safe in Lorain County. I will create a functioning recorders office that works for you.

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